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You need not be the originator to be an innovator

Struggling to dream up a great idea? Feel as though you’re not creative enough? Nonsense.

More than anything else, creative block is a veil of unrealistic expectations about what is required to improve and progress. You need not reinvent the wheel when it already exists. Innovation still means improving upon the wheel or even finding a new application for it.

Instead of pressuring yourself to change the world, change your approach. Begin by finding ways to add value.

Being the first visionary is gratifying, but not being the originator never detracts from the importance of being an original thinker – someone who makes a good thing better.

Innovation is not about nailing the opening act, it’s about improving one’s ongoing experience – and for this to happen, many different roles must be filled. One of those roles requires you.

Be a Maverick,

– Kent

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  • Sean Murphy says:

    This is a really good insight, improving or re-purposing an existing invention can have as much or more impact as a new invention. Consider the person who decided to put wheels on the steam engine (in use for decades to drive pumps to drain mines) and created the railroad.

    • kenthealy says:

      Absolutely Sean. The wheel immediately increased in value when the car was invented. The same is true with countless other inventions and the innovations that followed.

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