You can’t “try” to rest

It’s been a really busy few weeks. Too many states and cities to count. And lots of long days. Sometimes during the day, I find myself really looking forward to resting during the night. But when the night comes, I often can’t flip my mental switch to start resting and sleeping. Instead, I get lost in thought and the hours pass without quality rest.

I realized my approach/perspective about rest was seriously flawed.

Working too much and too often I found myself wanting to push through my rest like I pushed through my work – hard, focused, and fast.

But as I soon found out, rest can’t be forced, rushed, streamlined, or scaled. The harder you ‘try’ to rest, the harder it is to get quality rest.

For the full benefit, rest must be devoid of effort. After all, effort is rest’s opposite by nature.

And so it should be treated as such.

Be a Maverick,

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