Wealth is having options

There are two ways I view this maxim:

  1. Being grateful for what we have
  2. Working towards creating more options in life

To point #1: If you’re reading this, you’re wealthy.

Many people on earth (not including you if you are reading this via computer) don’t have many options in life. When your default mode is “survive” you’re probably not what most people would consider “wealthy” physically or emotionally. If you’re able to read this on a personal computer  woke up this morning having to make the small choice about what to eat, then you are wealthy.

To point #2: I am often asked how I define success. My response is: “To be able to do WHAT I want, WHEN I want, WHERE I want — while making the world a better place in the process.”

Before I dreamed up the maxim “Wealth is having options” I realized my end-goal was essentially,  you guessed it, creating options in my life. Having options means having flexibility and freedom — two things I value immensely in life, as most people do. One example, something I learned in my early twenties, is that it doesn’t matter how large your bank account is if you’re handcuffed to your job or other life commitments. Why? You have no options when it comes to how you can spend your time.

Here’s the important lesson to take to heart: real wealth can be recognized by how many options an individual has — not just in one area, but multiple areas in life (Tweet this quote). The practical pursuit of freedom, then, is seeking ways you can create more flexibility or specifically, more choices that can invigorate your life, at any given time.

Be a Maverick,

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