I travel to make sure life does not escape me

Today marks the beginning of another one of my 90 day travel blitzes, starting with New York City (I love this place).

While it’s strange to live out of a suitcase, it genuinely rejuvenates me. There is something inspiring about living with only a few items and seeing your environment change everyday as you experience new cultural undertones and meet completely new people.

Although I don’t take many trips that fit the conventional definition of “vacation,” traveling and working have good chemistry with me. For one, this relationship allows me to travel more often and for longer periods of time and two, there is something inherently rewarding about exploring new places by night after a productive day. Perhaps I have Type-A issues, but one thing I know for sure, however, is that when I look back on a year it’s often my trips and travel that I remember most fondly.

Whatever your style, goals, and interests, I think it’s important to identify the things that make you feel you’re living life to the fullest… and do more of it — not because its an attempt to “escape” from reality, but because life is to short to let reality escape from you.

PS: If you’d like to see what I see while traveling, join me on Instagram: kenthealy

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