The real weapon that wins wars…

There have been countless circumstances through history that have proven newer and better tools do not guarantee success. Although important, tools, technology, connections, money, and even experience are often defeated in the face of directed passion.

When people know WHY they are doing something and are truly inspired by the cause, there is little that will stop them from attempting their ultimate goal with absolutely no reservations. Even logical thought is quickly cast aside.

People with a clearly defined ‘WHY’ will take extraordinary risks; they will push themselves to physical human limits; they will persevere the longest, they will recruit others to the cause; and they will be undaunted loyalists.

How does one foster this unparalleled inspiration? They put the ‘WHY’ first — and only then explain the ‘how’ and the ‘what’ (Tweet this quote). But putting the ‘WHY’ first also means living it and breathing it yourself. When the leader is a physical embodiment of the ’cause’ they’re the first into battle and the last to leave.

No matter the goal, there is no better catapult to success than a slingshot built with ‘WHY’ (Tweet this quote).

Be a Maverick,

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