The obvious harbors opportunity

What is ‘obvious’ to one person may not be to another – but we often assume it is. This leads to a lot of unexploited opportunity. What a shame.

For example, we often assume:

  • What is is obvious to us is obvious to everybody
  • What is obvious gets the most attention
  • What is obvious has already been explored
  • What is obvious is not valuable
  • Calling attention the obvious will make us look silly

But, sometimes the greatest opportunity hides in plain sight… waiting for someone curious enough and bold enough to deconstruct what others have taken for granted.

The most creative Mavericks are not those who attempt to pre-load their subconscious with existing data, but rather those who approach each situation devoid of assumptions, allowing them to bring a new perspective to a long-standing reality.

Jeffery Swartz offers a great example of how our definition of reality affects it: “Redefine what it is you do… keeping in mind that if railroads thought of themselves as transportation companies instead of rail companies, they might be running the airlines today.”

So here’s a maxim too costly to forget: The obvious is relative – it’s also a wasteland (or paradise, depending on your perspective) teeming with unexploited opportunity.

Be a Maverick,

– Kent

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