The M4M ebook is finally here

After 4 years since the original Maxims for Mavericks book, I am finally releasing the new version with 95% new content. Best of all, I am giving the ebook away for FREE… at least for a while.

Get your FREE copy here:

As we are shift from an information economy to a creative economy thinking differently has never been more important. M4M explores the topics of innovation, creativity, leadership, and the process of creative disruption.

If there is one thing all humans want it’s opportunity – the chance to do more, relax more, see more, and be more. The challenge is, opportunity is not encountered, it’s created. And creating more and better options (especially in today’s world) requires an uncommonsense approach to life.

Whether you are a seasoned businessperson, greenhorn entrepreneur, curious employee, striving student, parent, blogger, marketer, techie, artist, or simply have a pulse and seek an additional edge or more creativity, then this blog will help you discover and create opportunities you didn’t know existed. Want more freedom?  Creativity?  Clarity?  Options?  Business?  Or a renewed supply of inspiration?  It’s all here.

If this quest against conformity sounds appealing to you, then get your copy of Maxims for Mavericks here.

Be a Maverick!

– Kent

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