The innovator’s (shortest) credo

Making creative leaps forward often means challenging preexisting assumptions, rules, and beliefs about how things can and should be done. When we do this, however, we enter new territory and it becomes much more difficult to predict the outcome. There is likely not enough data to accurately foretell the odds of success.

This may sound risky, but consider the alternative: Convention/normal/average/regular… boring!  Sure, it’s the most predictable option, BUT it’s not necessarily the safest (Tweet this quote).

As thought leader, Seth Godin, says, “Safe is risky” (Tweet this quote). In this new economic landscape there is so much noise that the only way to survive and succeed is to stand out — to innovate, to challenge yourself. Without imagination and some tolerance of unpredictability, the greatest risk we face is becoming irrelevant.

True innovation comes as a result of appreciating and embracing Godin’s oxymoronic statement. To be extraordinarily great in today’s fast-paced world, creativity must be valued more than predictability (Tweet this quote).

Be a Maverick,

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