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The Maverick’s brain

We all know what a brain looks like. It’s an odd, wrinkly, lumpy collection of greyish-pink matter. For most people, this organ best serves as an auto-pilot device, helping them perform every-day functions.

To a Maverick, however, the brain is much more than that.

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Ideas have a shelf-life

Many times the ideas we have today can have an immediate impact on our personal lives and countless others, but there is no insurance that guarantees a valuable idea today will have the same value tomorrow.

In fact, ideas are a ‘dime a dozen’ – they even multiply as they are applied. But an idea stored away from the world is worthless.

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Creativity is risk backed by confidence

A creative idea appears to be remarkable, admirable and genius … when accepted by the group intended to benefit from it. But what about the innovative ideas that are rejected? They are laughed at, ridiculed, and condemned, as is the person who entrusted the world with the idea. For this reason, creative pursuits are not…

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