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To be, or not to be…

To “be” means living with your head up. It means being aware. It means dreaming (in the highest clouds) instead of diving (into the ground). It means sticking your neck out at times. It means facing your circumstances (and changing them). It means exposing yourself to the world (and the elements life presents).

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Dear doubt: I quit!

Doubt is a very human emotion and can, at times, serve a valuable purpose, but sometimes it merely holds us back from living the life we really want. In these cases, it’s completely okay to submit your letter of resignation.

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Panic is not a strategy

A while back I had a conversation with a doctor I have not forgotten. “Most patients look at professional help purely as a last resort,” he said, “meaning once the pain gets unbearable, they finally come in. Sometimes I can help, but other times, it’s God’s business at that point.  People are not very proactive…

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