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Canabalize your ideas

It’s not wording that paints the best mental picture, I know (maybe the unassuming Pac-Man imagery will soften the edge), but it is a notion that ultimately leads to a better outcome. The idea for this post struck me while reading Walter Isaacson’s biography about Steve Jobs. The relationship he had with ideas — even his own, was uncommon. When he came up with an idea he was never afraid to start attacking it — even if the idea has costly short term implications. A well-known example was…

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Failure is cross-training

We should be optimistic in viewing our setbacks as preparation for future circumstances and opportunities that we cannot yet foresee.

In doing so, failure becomes cross training.

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Steve Jobs on death, life, passion and progress

I started writing this post about Steve Jobs, one of the greatest Mavericks the world has ever seen and the magnificent life he led.  But no matter how I said it, I realized my own words could not offer justice to a man that has literally changed the world. So, who better to leave us…

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