releasing creative genius

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The innovator’s (shortest) credo

Making creative leaps forward often means challenging preexisting assumptions, rules, and beliefs about how things can and should be done. When we do this, however, we enter new territory and it becomes much more difficult to predict the outcome. There is likely not enough data to accurately foretell the odds of success.

This may sound risky, but consider the alternative: Convention/normal/average/regular… boring! Sure, it’s the most predictable option, BUT it’s not necessarily the safest…

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Creative flow comes from letting go

The value of “creative flow” cannot be underestimated. It’s a source or inspiration, imagination, and genius – things coveted by man for centuries. Despite some common beliefs, great ideas don’t arise from a deepset effort to expel intelligence, but rather a process of “expressing” thoughts and energy without self-scrutiny. The greatest encumbrance we face is,…

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