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Be willing to work or be willing to be worked

Both the hammer and the nail appear on the job site, but one is at the mercy of the other. One is hammering and one is getting hammered. Technically speaking, this isn’t always negative. After all, nails are needed to build structures — but nails are rarely Mavericks. Why? …

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Perception is…

Too many people still view the world as ‘flat.’ They think in very limited, 2-dimensional terms.This is a shame, because it limits what is possible. To experience more you have to believe more exists.

If Christopher Columbus believed what the experts told him (“Young man, the world is flat. Sailing far to sea is a death wish!”) then he never would have left the shoreline and certainly never would have stumbled upon North America – a voyage and discovery that ironically completely changed human’s ‘perception’ of our world.

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A picture is paradigm-bending

A picture is… many things, but most importantly it’s a single icon that can represent so many ideas, concepts, beliefs, and messages in one glance. Look even closer and even more is revealed. Images give the viewer enough information to present an theme, without pigeon holing the message. They are suggestive, but ultimately, the viewer is able to take the message or lesson they most need to hear — and that message may be different for each viewer.

Image code: APICTUREIS

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