Linchpin Territory Kent Healy
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Linchpin Territory

Being a linchpin means being an integral part of what it takes to accomplish an objective. Without a linchpin involved in the process things start to fall apart. As a result, they are irreplaceable, invaluable, and indispensable.

But being a linchpin means much more than having only the ability to execute with passion. Yes, executors are important, and often rare, but not usually irreplaceable. A linchpin, on the other hand, brings an amalgamation of skills that introduce purpose to action, inspiration to intimidating goals, and coherence to a confusing landscape of variables.

Where these various traits intersect is where linchpins reside. And it’s the overlapping of these traits that generates exponential and invaluable results.

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Immeasurable factors fuel measurable results

While some outcomes in life are clearly visible (savings account balance, weight, appearance, sales figures, etc.), many are not.  Sometimes to a fault, we place an exorbitant amount of attention on measurable metrics assuming what is most important can be measured. But in our dogged pursuit of what is quantifiable we often neglect what is…

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