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Commit to make it play

The problem with always trying to “make things work” is, well… it starts to feel like work — and who wants that? If we label the process as work from the outset we may be unknowingly hindering our enthusiasm and creativity to accomplish the goal.

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As it turns out, pigs can fly… (funny pic)

You see, it’s not a question of whether a pig has wings but rather if a pig can be placed in something that has wings. A minor difference with big implications — but an excellent example re-framing rhetoric that re-frames what is possible.

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More than one answer

This is my tribute of an unaccredited image that spread like wildfire on the internet way back in 2005… and yet I still have not forgotten it. It’s simple, it’s funny, and even though the teacher may not enjoy the same degree of laughter, in some strange way, it’s still, literally speaking, a correct response.

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The obvious is relative

Everyday we make numerous assumptions about how the world works to avoid information overload. However, what if many of those assumptions were incorrect? Author, Duncan Watts makes a very compelling case in his book, Everything is Obvious. In one example, he shares the following: A group of participants are asked, “Who would perform better in…

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