Stop, but please don’t park

I was in an analytical mood recently and saw things from a very literal perspective. As I pulled up to a Stop sign, I thought, “What if everyone obeyed the literal meaning of stop signs?” What if we pulled up and remained motionless, waiting for another sign to give us permission to “go” and move on with our journey. If this were the case, Stop signs would be a traffic disaster.

Of course, I know this sounds absurd. Who would take a Stop sign that literally? But what is most surprising is how so many of us face metaphoric Stop signs in life when we receive negative feedback, a poor result, lack of motivation, etc. and then just… Stop.  But these Stop signs of life are not to be taken literally – they do not indicate a parking zone.

The stop sign may suggest taking some time to reflect, but it’s never time to park and stop moving altogether. (Tweet this quote)

Be a Maverick,

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