Squeeze more life out of time

There’s no mystery here. It’s simply a matter of the physics of time. There are only so many hours in a day and days in a year. Time is a standard metric for everyone (at least until time machines are invented).

But the greatest defining factor of productivity and fulfillment is how we spend the limited time we have. No, this is not a matter of living life in “top gear” 100% of the time; it’s a matter living life “engaged” as much as possible (Tweet this quote). Quite simply, this means maximizing time spent doing things that make you feel alive. It’s been said many times before: life is too short and too long to spend it doing too many things you don’t like to do.

Mavericks squeeze more from life because they take emotional risks, make (and keep) commitments, take a stand, set personal goals (and equally important, set personal boundaries), and become comfortable in their own skin (accepting what they can’t change while sculpting what they can). That, is how to stay engaged in the business of life.

As I wrote earlier, if we appreciate that time is fleeting — that the present is the only time we can be truly alive — then the truest act of living is pinning our heart to each moment as it presents itself. Not a moment before or after.

Regardless of our past and future, what makes for an exceptional life is what we focus on and what we do right now.

Be a Maverick,

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