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I feel blessed to do the work I do because I get to meet so many incredible people and learn about their amazing companies. Dave Will, founder and CEO of Peach New Media (PNM), is one of these incredibly inspiring examples. Late last year I was contacted by Dave Will to create some customized art for his offices. After he completed our proprietary questionnaire and follow up interviews with me, it was clear there were some obvious synergies between PNM and M4M. Not surprisingly, we found several ways to work together.

Although PNM had no intention of replacing their company logo, that was one of the outcomes. While I didn’t dislike their existing logo, I did suggest that we create something that may better help people visualize and remember his company name, but also something that better represented his company mission and purpose. In short, PNM is in the business of helping people communicate more efficiently and effectively. After a few renditions I developed what you see below. The peach is made of two inter-locking comment bubbles to exemplify the interaction and engagement of interpersonal conversation.

Also, be sure to scroll down further to see the unique paradigm-bending pop art I created for PNM.

Below is the logo on glass of the interior PNM office:

Starting below are the commissioned artworks I created for the PNM company. Each piece is uniquely inspired from information provided by the CEO in our proprietary questionnaire and follow up interviews with myself. There are many stories to be told in each piece, which embody a specific theme important to PNM. The three themes you see below are:

  1. Communication and Technology
  2. Education and Learning
  3. Life and Culture

Some of you artists and art lovers out there may recognize this artistic style. If you do then you have probably encountered the world famous art of Keith Haring. I’ve always been intrigued by his simple approach to communicating complex ideas and cultural stories. Inspired by his work, I chose to explore this style with PNM because of what it allowed me to communicate with the viewer on many levels.  I must admit, however, it was much more challenging than I ever expected (I now have even more respect for Haring). With that said, I couldn’t be happier with the outcome – and Dave Will certainly shared that enthusiasm.

As you scroll down you will see a brief description under each image. What I love about these pieces is that every square inch represents a thought-provoking metaphor that speaks volumes about the PNM mission, goals, values, and culture.

 ABOVE: Theme – Communication and Technology

Humans are unique in their ability to transfer complex data from one to another and from generation to generation. This began thousands of years ago with nights spent gathered around a fire talking, laughing, telling stories, and, of course, listening. With the introduction of technology and electronics, the dynamic has only intensified. This image marries the old and new, the organic and the technological, human behavior and culture, which begins at the center of the piece with a bonfire bursting out of a megaphone. This emphasizes Peach New Media’s approach to communication and how it uses technology to help others spread their meaningful messages and information. From the center of the piece numerous stories on the topic flow outward connected to one another and  told through thought-provoking visual metaphors. Every look is a new adventure revealing something new.

ABOVE: Education and Learning 

Sharing knowledge allows for progress. But learning is what creates progress. This image captures the spirit of Peach New Media’s passion for learning — beginning with an open mind reaching and yearning for insights from all facets of life through multiple mediums. Throughout the image, there is an innate relationship between the heart and the mind, the art and sciences, the new and the old, and the practical and the ambitious among other themes.

 ABOVE: Life and Culture

Culture is the life-structure of life itself — especially a business. Amid a chaotic world culture is responsible for keeping people inspired, collected, and directed towards a larger purpose. This image represents many themes important to Peach New Media’s philosophies on culture. This includes unity and teamwork, expression and personality, exploration and curiosity, and persistent growth and ambition. Peach New Media appreciates the natural order of things, but also implores human capital and technology to leverage progress internally and externally — stimulating a culture of collaboration for the betterment of the current world and future generations.


BELOW: The art printed on canvas and placed in the offices

Mission statements are critical, but they are often shelved and rarely read. Not anymore! And not with M4M! We help create images that embody a company’s core essence in a fun way that is immediately digestible and seen on a daily basis. Our environment matters… a lot (view this video to see for yourself).

Would you like a customized piece for your business, family, or group? Contact us for more details.

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  • octavia says:

    True story. Kent I found your blog because Peach New Media posted a job ad on Craigslist. I am very resourceful person, so I went to there website to learn more about the company. They have a blog I am sure your aware of. I saw a blog post from you and I have been hooked ever since!!! Even if they don’t consider my resume for the Account Manager position, it will not stop me from being a maverick!!!

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  • Jim Bailey says:

    Great stuff, the logo is an eye candy, Um-um. Look forward to work with you in the near future. Have a great day and keep up the great work…I’m just sayin’…JPB4

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