Now hiring (only) intrapreneurs

Welcome to the 21st century. A lot has changed in the workplace and businesses no longer want ‘drone employees’ with a “go to the fridge and get the cheese” mentality. At the pace things move today, they can’t afford to hire these individuals. And ironically, employees today can’t afford to operate like 20th century employees anymore.

Enter the intrapreneur: A person who works within an organization, but thinks and acts like an entrepreneur.

The truth is, every great job from this day forward will be filled by intrapreneurs, not employees (Tweet this quote). These are individuals who look at themselves as problem-solvers, not clock-punchers. They are hard-working, resourceful, big-picture minded, and team oriented. They have made a habit of constantly thinking ahead, reassessing their performance, analyzing the results, and searching for more efficient methods of action.

When the decision to hire is between someone who thinks like an intrapreneur and someone who thinks like an employee, the choice is… well, a no-brainer (Tweet this quote).

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  • Susan Foley says:

    Great article. It is time we recognize Intrapreneurs and their value to organizations.
    Susan Foley
    Corporate Entrepreneurs LLC

    • Kent Healy says:

      Great to see you on here Sue and thank you for your kind words. By nomination or default, I think organizations will be forced to appreciate their industrious team members in the coming years. And that makes me happy. 😉

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