Leadership means moving people in the same direction

Whatever the team, each member has his or her own challenges to navigate. Rarely, if ever, do all team members begin in the same place with the same circumstances, same experiences, and same skill sets. This means the path to the end result will vary for most people — even though they share the same goal.

This seems obvious… until you take a closer look at how most teams, managers, and leaders work with their head down. They confuse motion with progress. A very costly mistake.

Poor team dynamics and poor leadership relies on cracking the whip to ensure that all members are toiling and moving. Great leadership, on the other hand, involves  a 30,000 ft perspective. It means ensuring that the whole team smells and sees the same cheese so they don’t get lost in the maze of their own challenges, temptations, and antiquated assumptions (Tweet this quote).

Great leadership inspires people to recognize and confront challenges so they can work through them instead of around them (Tweet this quote). The more people can viscerally see the cheese they are working for, the more likely the goal will be realized — both effectively and enjoyably.

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