One of the most dangerous beliefs…

Repeating behaviors, routines, assumptions, and processes is attractive because, well, it’s easy. But pressing the “repeat” each day is short-sighted. Eventually, our results taper off to a plateau (or decline), we overlook opportunities that can improve our life, and our creative muscles dystrophy.

Instead of assuming our current actions and beliefs are “good enough” it pays to assume there is likely a better way to do something. Only with that assumption in mind can we recognize alternative paths to a similar (or better) end result.

There is nothing more limiting than becoming an ignorant prisoner of our own habits (Tweet this quote). The ongoing task of a Maverick is to maintain an impartial perspective when most people revert to personal habits, social customs, or conventional thinking. 

So, is it time to interrupt your daily routine? (Hint: The answer is almost always yes).

Be a Maverick,

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