If you don’t let go of some things through life, then you’ll be dragged through life

If you had to get to work or class but couldn’t let go of the handle on your home’s front door, would you ever get there? Nope.

Yet sadly, there are many people who live life holding onto things that should really be behind them.  Some things are harder to let go of then the handle of your front door, but it’s often those same emotionally intense hang ups that offer the most relief and the greatest thrust forward when finally put behind us.

Our ability to let go of mistakes and grueling past experiences gives us the opportunity to grab hold of our future (Tweet this quote). We may not be able to turn back time, but we can always make a new beginning. 

So, let go of the ugly troll, pick yourself up, and start blazing your own path once again. 

Be a Maverick,

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