Kent Healy

The short story:

I’m an author, speaker, real estate investor, entrepreneur, artist, and student of life, but most importantly, I’m a human being attempting to use my life to inspire life here on spaceship earth.

The epic:

As a young teenager and mediocre student I clung to my interest in art for creative stimulation. The pages of my schoolbooks were barraged with sketches and fictional company logos. Despite my math teacher’s disenchantment with my artistic efforts, I enjoyed the national success that I achieved in my high school art classes.

At 14 I used these new found abilities to design a logo for a local surf company. I traded that logo for my first custom-shaped surfboard. Hooked by this experience, I began designing logos for various small businesses and organizations.

Building on my love for graphic design and my passion for surfing and entrepreneurship, I started my first business at age 15 making skimboards, skateboards, shirts, and other related products. While the business enjoyed a quick rise to success, it also suffered an equally swift demise. I realized that my conventional schooling was not offering the important life-skills necessary to become successful in the real world.

Frustrated and inspired, I veraciously devoured hundreds of non-fiction books, attended seminars, and interviewed people I considered to be successful. Driven to share my profound discoveries, experiences, and life-lessons I teamed up with my brother to write and publish what became “Cool Stuff” They Should Teach in School (ironically now required reading in many classrooms in the US and beyond) before my 20th birthday.

While authoring some more books I traveled far and wide to speak to audiences of all ages and attending college classes at USC in between.

After several years of shelving my more artistic cravings, I thought it time to indulge in them by seeking a way to marry my love for art with my desire to share thought-provoking ideas.  I’ve always thought in pictures and finally, now with the creation of Maxims 4 Mavericks, I get to to express those thoughts in a fun, visual way.

Today my days are filled with everything from real estate investing, world traveling, writing, creating art, and working with clients to  spending time with my wife and family.


Kent’s ability to assimilate and integrate massive amounts of information and then craft it into a compelling presentation is phenomenal. Kent has pursued his interest in the psychology of success with a fervor and determination I rarely encounter. I know that Kent will be a valuable leader and asset to any business or institution he works with.

What I admire most about Kent is his proclivity to simplify complicated concepts. I’ve been following his work for years, but adding a visual twist to his ‘uncommon insights’ has been paradigm-bending indeed. His art is bound for big success.

I am completely fascinated with his grasp on life’s meaning, its challenges, and what it means to take personal responsibility. He has a true gift in being able to express himself both verbally and in print in a way that appeals to all age.

I love Kent’s term, ‘Wall compass.’ That’s exactly how we view Kent’s work in our office. It reminds our team to challenge complacent thinking and embrace our core values as a company.

I get more comments from guests about Kent’s artwork than any other piece in our home. And every time, an excellent conversation ensues.

It’s clever. It’s thought-provoking. It’s memorable. And it looks awesome on a wall! Kent’s M4M artwork adds more inspiration to each day.

Let’s work together:

Daily inspiration: Looking to inspire your home or workplace? Nearly every pop-art image is available for purchase as a limited edition canvas (of various sizes), poster, full-sized wall decor, t-shirt, mug, key chain and more. Browse the gallery to select an image you’d like to make your own. Custom, commissioned art to embody and reflect your goals, values, and vision. Kent refers to these images as “Wall Compasses” because they offer daily reminders of the grand objective and the best path to get there. To accomplish this, Kent works directly with clients through a process of interviewing and observing (with possible site visits) to articulate, in visual terms, what the organization/team/family stands for. Learn more. Advertising & marketing: Looking for a refreshing advertisement, marketing campaign/material or other company branded icons such as business cards? Contact me to see how we may be able to work together. Learn more about our advertising services here. Become an Affiliate! If you like what you see and believe in the power of M4M’s paradigm-bending pop-art then why not spread the word – and be compensated for it! We offer 20% of the sales revenue to affiliates. When considering the sales value of art, our affiliates stand to earn a lot very quickly. Learn more here. Speaking: Using my pop-art as paradigm-bending visuals, I frequently speak about creative thinking, entrepreneurship, leadership, productivity, and many more topics at schools, universities, and businesses. Learn more or contact me with details about your event.