Invisibility is the worst failure

Invisibility is a choice… To say nothing, to try nothing, to be nothing. That is to be invisible.

Invisibility is robbing the world of what should be public, shared, talked about, and built upon. Above all else, failure is hiding from fear, doubt, and embarrassment.

Success then, is taking off the cloak of comfort and safety to face the unknown – with or without style and grace – because success begins by embracing the vulnerability and awkwardness that always precedes acclaim.

So, expose your ideas, your goals, and your wishes… Not doing so hides the world from your influence.

Be a Maverick,

– Kent

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  • David Clarke says:

    Hi Kent, I have been doing more of this just lately on my “comeback” and trying to remember how I used “doing uncommon things” to achieve past successes, and how it gets easier the more of it one does! especially when people see it working for you!
    Thanks for the reminder Kent! always an inspiration!

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