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Innovators are collaborators not corroborators

We rely on innovation to address challenges and to make our lives more enjoyable. But innovation decreases and eventually ceases when change agents (that’s you):

  1. Become bystanders
  2. Decide to hoard their ideas

The world is in need of anxious thinkers (not onlookers) who stimulate ideas through providing and sharing ideas. When people relieve themselves of this duty, everyone loses. Innovators become needy spectators and selfish pacifiers, stunting beneficial change. Let’s ensure this doesn’t happen.

We must be careful not to become innovation-authoritarians and protect our social status or our own ideas with more emotion than we offer to other forward thinkers also looking to contribute. Mavericks are not concerned about holding power as a referee of a win-lose game, but rather engaging others to become part of a win-win game – one that thrives on synergy and collaboration.

To paraphrase Seth Godin, shared ideas spread and they also scale. And as these ideas increase in value, so does our urge to control and patrol them.

But team players combat the tendency to overprotect and hoard their ideas by reminding themselves of the big picture and the long term impact.  True innovators are not as engrossed with the path of their own brainchildren as they are with the concepts of enhancement and advancement for the greater good.

Be a Maverick,

– Kent

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One comment

  • Grae Laws says:

    We need only look at the current IP wars that rage amongst the great tech powers (Google, IBM, Apple, Microsoft, HTC etc..)to see that this coveting of innovation, this amplification of the denying rights of the patent, offers no long term release of creative potential. Indeed if the likes of HP pull out shortly after releasing a brand new tablet product, through fear of litigation by the Apple machine, this is surely a sign of the rot setting in.
    Let’s do this a different way, please?

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