Innovation is spawned on the edge of chaos

Innovation most often begins as an interruption or disruption of a previous assumption, fact, or reference point. By definition, it’s a new way of thinking or doing something. This is precisely why innovation is more likely to occur in unpredictable circumstances that challenge our inherent drive to rely on previous systems, approaches, and procedures.

It’s certainly possible to develop new, paradigm-bending ideas in isolation as a result of disciplined thought, but innovation occurs most naturally when assumptions are already beginning to fray. In many cases, all it takes is one small observation or piece of information that spawns a chain reaction of creative ideas.

For this reason, Maverick thinkers and doers fight the magnetism of control, predictability, and environmental security. Instead, they turn their attention to areas of turbulence – the places where disruption, commotion, and innovation is already occurring. It’s these circumstances that tug at the seams of our unconscious habits of thought that we would normally never think to reconsider and reinvent.

Be a Maverick,

– Kent

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One comment

  • I agree. When facing turbulence, commotion, uncertainty, etc., the psyche is called upon to innovate. This ties into my strong belief that it’s important to evaluate your perceptions based on your own inclinations; in other words, mavericks don’t follow the crowd or march to the same drummer. After all, who’s to say that whatever we’re told is valid? Seek out your own reality, I say.

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