Ideas have a shelf-life

Many times the ideas we have today can have an immediate impact on our personal lives and countless others, but there is no insurance that guarantees a valuable idea today will have the same value tomorrow.

In fact, ideas are a ‘dime a dozen’ – they even multiply as they are applied. But an idea stored away from the world is worthless. As I wrote in an earlier M4M post, Power flows to those who share it – specifically through the sharing of ideas.

Game changers of today think in terms of abundance – they recognize the correlation and reciprocation of personal and collective success. What used to be considered ‘trade secrets’ is now about trading secrets because important information and game-changing ideas do not appreciate in solitude.

Have a good idea? Share it – or at least apply it. Hoarding is not investing and power is not about withholding ideas to accomplish a faux competitive advantage. What has made this world great are the ideas that Maverick thinkers have generously shared and courageously released from the stockroom.

Be a Maverick,

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