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In a flurry to catch my next ride out of town, I accidentally left my computer behind, I had a moment of distress… but only a moment.

To be honest, I was more concerned about missing out on a few days work than not getting my computer back. But this fear of lost work time dissipated almost immediately when I realized that I lived and worked ‘in the clouds.’ Any computer with an internet connection meant I was back where I left off.

I still had access to all of my files via DropBox, I had access to all of my emails via the gmail website,  I could still interact with my team on Skype, I could access my address book via my iphone (and icloud), I could access my task and projects lists and details via Asana, and more. I didn’t miss a beat.

The limitations of geography are disappearing – and I could not be more excited! Give me an internet connection and I’m Marco Polo … in a business suit. 🙂 (Tweet this quote).

I guess it’s not ironic, then, that I’m posting this pop art image from London, 5,400 miles from my office in Manhattan Beach, CA.

As for my computer? Don’t worry, I got it back just fine.

To location independence and beyond!  (Have a cool story of your own? Would love to hear it. Post below)

Be a Maverick,


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