How to tread lightly. Properly.

Most people believe they should ‘tread lightly‘ whenever possible. It’s not a ‘bad’ idea, but people’s interpretation of the term can be limiting.

To most, treading lightly means compromising passion, honesty, ambition, and commitment. Well, it shouldn’t be.

In fact I don’t believe there is EVER a time to lay those assets down. Instead, there should just be times we deliver upon them differently.

Have to engage in a crucial conversation or confrontation? Picture yourself as a tank (solid, confident, qualified, and equipped) … but one with treads made of tip-toeing feet. In other words, you’re still bringing your best repository for the circumstances, but the approach is slightly more gracious.

We should always come passionately prepared, but we should also come prepared to be compassionate (Tweet this quote).

Be a Maverick,

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