The pursuit of success can sting

The honey badger has an impressive track record of getting what it wants in life. (Watch this humorous video with over 45 million views to see footage of the Honey Badger in action). Why is this animal so successful?

Well, it’s not extraordinary abilities or striking good looks. The Honey Badger’s success is the result of two things:

  1. The willingness to endure the temporary pain of attempting big, risky goals.
  2. The willingness to make multiple attempts at success – even immediately after a failed attempt.

Whether it’s taking down a cobra, tracking vermin, or hijacking a bee hive, the Honey Badger is willing to takes risks, tolerate short-term discomfort.

The pursuit of success can be demanding, tough, painful, and tiring… but you know what? The Honey Badger doesn’t care. Nothing will stop it from attempting success.

What about you? How would traits of the Honey Badger increase success in your life?

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