Great leaders challenge their own status

Mediocre leaders:

  • Protect their status by surrounding themselves with mediocre people in a futile attempt to avoid competition.
  • Don’t realize that an absence of external influence will unavoidably lead to complacency in many, if not all, areas.
  • Hire people who perform below their own capabilities as a way to protect their ‘perceived power.’

Admirable leaders, on the other hand, deliberately surround themselves with those better than themselves. To a quality leader, decisions about building a team are never made due to an unlikely threat of status because they know the difference between superiority and significance.

Accordingly, ‘status’ is a term fast fading from the Maverick’s lexicon. Leadership is never a game of comparison, it’s a process of cross-pollination. Similar, but also very different.

Great leaders do not merely rely on themselves to seek and sustain ‘greatness.’ They rely on their team to challenge them, push them, and inspire them to be at their best and do remarkable work.

Be a Maverick,

– Kent

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  • traceybyrnes says:

    It’s often difficult to become a maverick when you’re working directly for someone who isn’t. That isn’t an excuse; it’s a fact. How you choose to handle it…well, that’s where most of us tend to fall on our noses (or other parts of the anatomy).

    That being said, I decided late last year that I’m sick of the limitations that come with that scenario and I’m doing something about it. Slowly, perhaps, but steadily. I find that I’m looking more and more to my online communities for inspiration and support as I continue to learn and grow. Connecting – even peripherally – with many of these people has done much to reinvigorate my belief in myself and what I can accomplish.

    • kenthealy says:

      Working for a difficult boss is… well, difficult. What is worse, however, is accepting the fact that there are absolutely no other options. Your story to keep seeking and searching by way of reaching out to other Mavericks is inspiring and possible by everyone with an internet connection (thus, anyone reading this). Thank you for sharing. Any life turn-around begins with a turn-around in belief. And there is no better way to instigate that process than to find other Mavericks doing just that. Hat tip to you Tracey.

  • Sammy says:

    I find it is hard to find people to help you be better when you don’t know people.
    I don’t have much status anyway but I understand what you mean.
    Thanks for the post

    • kenthealy says:

      Sammy, there are a lot of great, thought-provoking and supportive communities online that can lead to relationships off line. There are a lot of smart, motivated, and supportive people out there who may offer what you’re looking for, but they won’t find you. As I write in the M4M Manifesto, Opportunity is reserved for those who seek it. The same is true when seeking other supportive, make-it-happen individuals.

  • Jos Eeltink says:

    This is much nicer then looking at soccer.

  • Jos Eeltink says:

    Again I fully agree with you,it is a pitty we don`t have so much admirable leaders.

    • kenthealy says:

      It can be frustrating for sure, but fortunately there are many people (like M4M readers) who are ‘being the change they wish to see.’ And every person matters.

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