Game changers don’t set out to ‘change the game’ – they just happen to do so

By nature, Mavericks are doers, not bystanders. When they see an opportunity to improve something, they take it.

It’s not for the fame. It’s not for the money. It’s not for the bragging rights.  It has nothing to do with ego.

It’s an intrinsic drive to add value; to make change… because not doing so just feels wrong. Not doing so is the path of the spectator, the critic, and the politician – none of which is a Maverick’s forte.

Instead, Mavericks approach life with a level of curiosity, care, and industriousness not experienced by those who thrive upon power, force, or manipulation. And ultimately, it’s the process of being who they are that instigates the greatest change.

Be a Maverick,

– Kent

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  • Loralee says:

    I’m a serious enthusiast of this site, a bunch of your blogposts have really helped me out. Looking forward to new posts!

  • David Clarke says:

    Yes I believe this is very true, whilst I won’t place my self in such illustrious company as the game changers of the world,I can’t help but try to do things that have a positive impact , I think Sean hit the nail on the head with his comment on the level of frustration sometimes felt at trying to better a situation, or just being curious about everything and running into apathy-non interest, however it is wonderful when you meet people who have a wealth of knowledge on a subject and are willing to share! PS, politicians using subterfuge are (in my opinion) morally bankrupt! try using subterfuge in the real world -or in the boardroom!
    I will try to be a little more succinct in future, ha ha .

  • Sean Murphy says:

    In my experience game changers are frustrated and dissatisfied with the status quo and want to see it improved. They set out to create more value and have an impact, value that they are willing to see many people share in. This allows them to change the game.

    • kenthealy says:

      Absolutely Sean. One the most admirable traits of a Maverick is their personal sense of responsibility to make something better just because it can be better.

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