When you put a fence around people, you get sheeple

After moving from California to New Zealand at age 10, adapting to the culture and especially the education system was a tough process for me. I also had some teachers who cared little to help me through this process and instead opted to make an example of me in front of my new peers on the first day of school.

Not surprisingly, my initial rough start led to poor grades. Instead of being encouraged to try harder I was labeled as a below average student and treated accordingly. At age 10 and 11 the concept of fueling my own personal ambition was simply not in the cards. Within only the first few weeks of class at my new school my teachers expected me to flounder. Sure enough, that’s what I did — and worse, I thought nothing of it. 

Through a few key mentors, I managed to swing the pendulum significantly in the years to come, but this experience taught me a valuable lesson: Most people perform to the expectations given to them.

If you expect people will make mistakes, they often do. If you expect people cannot handle autonomy, they often prove that hypothesis. And thus, if you confine and shelter people from responsibility and freedom, they suffer from passivity, indifference, and… sheepishness.

The good news is, the opposite also tends to be true. By giving the people the freedom to think on their own, they often do. And to see an even greater impact, expect them to. 

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