Fasci-nation – One nation under captivation

I will confess, the constant discussions, posts, and press about the upcoming presidential elections in the United States are really starting to wear on me. But the moment I feel like disconnecting or telling people to “cool it,” I realize this is actually quite an admirable and inspirational occurrence.

There are few things more promising and honorable in the modern world than seeing people getting involved in the democratic process of leadership (Tweet this quote).

At this time, much of the US is consumed, enlivened, and obsessed by these upcoming 2012 elections — and rightly so.

Wherever you live in the world, I hope the citizens of your nation are equally passionate about the future of your country when it’s time for them to choose the next round of leadership. We should never underestimate the power, responsibility, and gift we’re given to make a choice (Tweet this quote).

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