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Every person is a personal business

It is interesting to see how most people draw distinctively different lines between business and their private lifestyle. Personally, I see many striking similarities. Founding a company is merely a parallel to something more important: your “personal business.”

A quality business requires adaptability, thriftiness, discretion, management, a degree of speculation, and resourcefulness.  Does a happy and successful life not require the same?

Like start-up companies, we may not have the most money, natural talent, formal education, physical resources, connections, etc., but as history demonstrates, those are not the defining factors of success. Our deficiencies are never more harmful than our existing strengths are beneficial (unless, of course, we remain obsessed with our weaknesses).

As a CEO would assess all company resources, we – as individuals – must view our personal inventory as valued “capital” and then carefully decide how to best apply it. The challenge is recognizing what we currently have to work with and then using this capital in ways never before considered.  This is the crux of what it means to be resourceful: creating solutions and seizing opportunities with finite means.

We have more options, assets, and opportunities than we are presently aware of, including time, contacts, skills, money, degrees, and all physical things that allow you implement ideas. Remember, the value is not found in each stand-alone asset, but rather how they are combined, rationed, and employed.

How these resources are applied, cultivated, or ignored is your call. As CEO of your life, it’s time to start thinking like one. Fortunately, a jaw-dropping repertoire of skills and assets unique from competitors is not necessary for personal success. You simply need to be creative, resourceful, and committed to honing your abilities within our most constraining construct of all assets: Time.

View yourself as a venture capitalist… your next great investment?  You.

Be uncommon,

– Kent

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