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Don’t play the game, change the game

Every so often an individual’s curiosity, frustration, and/or inspiration urges them to break tradition and challenge the status quo.  It’s not about appeasing a subjective moral duty. It’s a drive to encourage others to revisit assumptions to avoid complacency, groupthink, or mediocrity.

Sometimes these individuals speak a language that the majority immediately understands and other times they meet opposition, but most importantly, they provide a new perspective that adds a new dimension to the playing field.

These are the Mavericks.

What do they have in common? An uncommon life philosophy that allows us to see, do, and create things beyond old paradigms of thought.

Existing rules about what is (not) possible bind the mind to a past assumptions that frame the present and shape the future. Therefore, immense leaps in innovation can only come from freeing the mind of previous dogma. So rather than improving an antiquated system, Mavericks seek to reinvent the system itself.

They accomplish exceptional feats, redefine age-old limitations, inspire others, and instigate transformation through innovation because they refuse to play the same old game (also known as the status quo).

As business coach, Paul Lemberg once said, “It’s not about breaking the rules. It is about abandoning the concept of rules altogether.”

Mavericks live by a unique modus operandi. Instead of trying to play the game better than other participants, they change the game itself. They operate by rules that change the rules.

It’s a new game out there — and now it’s your turn to participate.

Be a Maverick,

– Kent

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