Don’t let the wait be weight

Very rarely does success happen at the pace we desire – especially as we take the initial steps into a new year.

We quickly realize that foundational work and patience that must follow are much easier discussed than applied. The wait between where we are and where we want to be appears to grow heavier with each passing day.

But the Maverick moves steadily ahead with an uncanny sense of tranquility founded on a simple, yet liberating, distinction:

It’s not the absence of what we want that wears us down, it’s the idea of not yet possessing what we want when we want it that causes fatigue.

The wait may be mandatory, but the weight is optional.

Be a Maverick,

– Kent

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  • Dale Harvey says:

    Absolutely, well said, Kent. Patience is the mark of a Master. Everything that is meant to happen comes in its time and not before. Those visionaries who can see the future before it arrives have the advantage of insight to prepare in advance for its arrival and perhaps have a better opportunity to recognize its appearance and ‘seize the moment’.

    But it would be a mistake to think that one can somehow speed up the event just because they can see it coming. Even worse to become weighted down with the waiting! Just because one understands the time a train will arrive does not mean that it will arrive earlier than scheduled. Patience Young Travelers: eat, plan and rest now whilst you have the chance, for your time will come soon enough!

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