Don’t be a number. Escape from the norm.

If you’re a regular Maxims4Mavericks reader you’ll recognize a not-so-surprising theme for this blog: Be a Maverick! (Duh). This means a lot of things, but most importantly it means being yourself and playing the game of life by your own rules. If you’re reading this, there is a good chance that this notion speaks to you personally. It’s certainly a concept that has inspired me my entire life.

But if I’ve learned one thing about the concept of thinking and acting independently it’s that we must constantly question our own motives because it’s far too easy to adopt the rules of general society. As I’ve said before, mediocrity has immense gravity that does not tire. I created this image as a fun reminder to break the sneaky and tenacious shackles of assimilation, practicality, conformity — or whatever label you choose.

If you prefer to blend in, go with the flow, and play the same game everyone else is playing that’s completely okay. This just isn’t a blog for you.

So check the mirror. You don’t have a bar code… at least not a permanent one. Take advantage of the numerous options you have — that’s how you avoid becoming a number.

The prison bars of a dull reality are more pliable than we’re led to believe. Live UNcarcerated. (Tweet this quote).

Be a Maverick,

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