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While the internet has connected people in more ways than we ever could have imagined, it has also, in some ways, created less face-to-face interaction. But Aron Schoenfeld is committed to addressing this by providing tools that connect people in a very human, personal way. That’s why he created Do It In Person – a community that helps connect you with individuals and groups that are relevant and helpful to you.

At Maxims4Mavericks we worked with Aron and to encapsulate his mission in visual form. The above image is what I developed for him. Aron can display this art in his office, on t-shirts, coffee mugs… well, as many things as he can dream up. 

Mission statements are critical, but they are often shelved and rarely read. Not anymore! And not with M4M! We help create images that embody a company’s core essence in a fun way that is immediately digestible and seen on a daily basis. Our environment matters… a lot (view this video to see for yourself).

Would you like a customized piece for your business, family, or group? Contact us for more details.

Be a Maverick,

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