Ditch the commencement baggage

This is a tribute image to a post I did this time last year, which you can read here on The Uncommon Life.

The message is simple: You can’t make progress if you’re holding on to thoughts, sentiments, and out-dated beliefs about what can and can’t be done (Tweet this quote).

Before you commence your journey to an uncommon life in 2013, assess your inventory. Stop, think, and drop. Literally. Identify the items of baggage you’re currently carrying from 2012 and scrutinize every last piece.

  • What is helping?
  • What is hindering?
  • What can (and should) you leave behind?
  • How can you repack your lessons learned to encourage action?

And forget about reaching for your wallet. In this instance, you can’t afford the additional baggage check-on fees.

Look beyond the alluring and convenient quick fixes: It’s time to start traveling leaner.

You’ll not only move further and faster, you just may have more fun.

Here’s to a year of uncommon adventure. I’m looking forward to taking this journey with you.

Be a Maverick,

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