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Crazy is better than common

Contrary to popular belief, budding entrepreneurs trying to make a name for themselves don’t suffer from a lack of resources. They suffer mainly from obscurity.  And by definition, obscurity always increases at the norm. Why? Because “common” literally means widespread – it’s the peak of the bell curve; the home of the majority.

When categorized within the majority it’s near impossible to stand out from the crowd. But instead of begging for larger marketing budgets to compete within the noise of today’s marketplace, Mavericks change the frequency by experimenting with ways to break patterns of familiarity. Don’t aim to deliver what people anticipate; aim to deliver something that initiates and changes the conversations within your community.

Meeting expectations is not enough when you can exceed them with a little creativity. Don’t tame the imagination; think bigger.  As Sigmund Freud once said, “Dreams are often most profound when they seem the most crazy.”

Mavericks embrace an element of craziness to approach things from a place of originality, free of immediate judgement and the limits of logic. The opposite, of course, merely leads to reinventing convention (yawn).

No marketing budget can compete with an idea, product, or service crazy enough to reconstitute the common. In a world of mass production, creativity  and originality are the antidotes to obscurity.

Be a Maverick!

– Kent

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  • Mike says:

    Great post. I definitely know that Steve Jobs and Apple subscribe to this train of thought and live outside the “safe boundaries of the norm.” They innovate on behalf of the customers and deliver new user experiences that change our perception of what is possible. Prior to the iPhone, the norm for cell phones usefulness was substandard compared to todays norm. In technology, as in other fields, craziness is key ingredient to innovation. Craziness in application can deliver wild amounts of success and separates one from the noise of the crowd and group thinking.

    The crazy people IMO dare to think and question institutionalized logic and societal domestication. Henry Ford had a brilliant answer when asked about building his first car: “If I’d asked my customers what they wanted, they’d have said a faster horse.” In other words, if he would have followed the norms and not dared to be crazy, the status quo would have remained the same and no disruptions to it would have occurred at that time. Another quote from a philosopher about the stages truth goes through before mass adoption I think are applicable to the stages crazy ideas and mavericks go through:

    “All truth passes through three stages. First is is ridiculed, second it is violently opposed, and third, it is accepted as self-evident.”

    -Arthur Schopenhauer: German philosopher, 1788-1860

    Interestingly enough, what is crazy today becomes the norm tomorrow and we must set out to rethink it and innovate again. Constant iteration on innovation spawns new crazy ideas, which become new norms and realities, which again are challenged with crazy ideas, thus repeating the cycle.

    Craziness is the vital ingredient to progress and change. Status quo thinking is usually a deadly deterrent to creativity. Anyone looking to break free and become a maverick should avoid it.

    By the way Kent, I love your new blog and how your evolving. It is solid and elegant. Keep up the great posts and I hope to back soon to add my 2-cents 🙂

    • kenthealy says:

      Mike. Great points. It seems we read similar material and subscribe to a similar school of thought. Thank you for sharing these examples and also for the very kind words. Hope to see you back in the M4M community soon. Stay uncommon.

  • Quora says:

    Crazy is better than common…

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