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Common sense is a collection of prejudices

Albert Einstein was well known for bending conventional paradigms of thought. This served him well and made him one of the most innovative, forward-thinking men of all time. He once asserted, “Common sense is the collection of prejudices acquired by age eighteen.”

Once again, Einstein proposes a thought-provoking idea. Ironically, common sense is both essential and limiting. For this reason, it has a paradoxical relationship to success.

There are certain things we must know and assume in order to move through the day and function in society. The trap – and it’s a seductive one – is failing to consciously and deliberately discern the difference between purposeful strategy and mindless routine. The reality is, most social rules and norms are so engrained in our behavior we hardly notice them and rarely, if ever, question them.

Instead we label much of our behavior under the broad guise of “common sense.” We often assume that our existing rules and norms are the best, most logical, and perhaps only way to navigate the world.

But the ongoing task of a Maverick is to maintain a curious and questing disposition as a way of seeking the true purpose behind all action. He or she makes a conscious effort to uphold an objective perspective of life when most people revert to personal habits, social customs, or conventional thinking.

Be a Maverick!

– Kent

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