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Mavericks stir things up

Innovation is very rarely a smooth and predictable process. In fact, if it is, innovation is likely not taking place at the full pace possible.

No matter the industry or the goal, when it comes to discussing strategy most leaders and business owners intent to seek and/or create calm seas. I often hear people say many iterations of how they are, “waiting for the dust to settle.” Why? So you can linger around for everyone else to do the same and then move with the herd? That’s not how great ideas and outcomes are birthed.

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The icon of location independence

The limitations of geography are disappearing – and I could not be more excited! Give me an internet connection and I’m Marco Polo … in a business suit. 🙂

I guess it’s not ironic, then, that I’m posting this pop art image from London, 5,400 miles from my office in Manhattan Beach, CA.

M4M Thumbnail
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Make every “bit” count

Nothing on this blog is tangible. It’s all, essentially, ideas bound in binary code – or intangible and digital “bits” of information.  This is quite remarkable considering our past reliance on atoms (tangible) to transfer and share data (paper, newspaper, books, magazines, etc.). In the information age, it’s important to recognize the value of a…

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