Linchpin Territory Kent Healy
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Linchpin Territory

Being a linchpin means being an integral part of what it takes to accomplish an objective. Without a linchpin involved in the process things start to fall apart. As a result, they are irreplaceable, invaluable, and indispensable.

But being a linchpin means much more than having only the ability to execute with passion. Yes, executors are important, and often rare, but not usually irreplaceable. A linchpin, on the other hand, brings an amalgamation of skills that introduce purpose to action, inspiration to intimidating goals, and coherence to a confusing landscape of variables.

Where these various traits intersect is where linchpins reside. And it’s the overlapping of these traits that generates exponential and invaluable results.

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Your only obligation

Craving to creatively express myself in early 2011, I drew this image late one January night. Truth be told, it’s the very first image that inspired the new Maxims4Mavericks as a ‘visually nutritious’ blog.

I hope this image shows that originality can be simple. Expressing yourself, your desires, and your talents need not be a complicated process. Sometimes the journey of becoming a better version of yourself simply begins by looking in a new direction with a new pair of eyes. But whatever direction you look, be sure it’s your own. Creativity flourishes when the primary obligation we embrace is seeking to be oneself.

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Build an awesome sandcastle

Some sandcastles boast an impressive existence spanning several days. Others do not. Why the difference? The short answer: A passion to create something awesome. +The enduring sandcastles shared an obvious commonality: They were apparent displays of deliberate effort and attention to detail. They were transformations of sand to art – and most people had no desire to destroy them. In fact, people gladly changed the course of their beachfront strut to avoid spoiling the frail creations. Others stood by in admiration and signaled their friends to take a closer look.

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Hello, my name is CEO

Should everyone start a business? Maybe not. Should everyone think and act like an entrepreneur? Absolutely. It’s not even a question of ‘should.’ it’s a must. This image is the theme of this century. Successful people are always their own CEO… they need not own their own business, but they are in charge of their own life. They don’t wait for others to direct their life. It means educating oneself, taking pride in performance, taking initiative, and taking responsibility.

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Innovation is spawned on the edge of chaos

Innovation most often begins as an interruption or disruption of a previous assumption, fact, or reference point. By definition, it’s a new way of thinking or doing something. This is precisely why innovation is more likely to occur in unpredictable circumstances that challenge our inherent drive to rely on previous systems, approaches, and procedures. It’s…

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Great leaders challenge their own status

Mediocre leaders: Protect their status by surrounding themselves with mediocre people in a futile attempt to avoid competition. Don’t realize that an absence of external influence will unavoidably lead to complacency in many, if not all, areas. Hire people who perform below their own capabilities as a way to protect their ‘perceived power.’ Admirable leaders,…

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Navigation is not intuition

We must be able to navigate through life – to chart points A and B and then voyage between them. But sometimes we need to know when and where to venture off the known path. The challenge comes when realizing that these enigmatic deviations display no conventional sign postings and appear without warning. While navigation…

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Power flows to those who share it

In days past leaders held their cards close. They claimed that power flowed to those who best harbored and defended coveted information. But information is no longer scarce and very rarely inaccessible. It’s a different world and walking alone and cultivating isolation won’t take one far. Today, power flows to those who think in terms…

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Invisibility is the worst failure

Invisibility is a choice… To say nothing, to try nothing, to be nothing. That is to be invisible. Invisibility is robbing the world of what should be public, shared, talked about, and built upon. Above all else, failure is hiding from fear, doubt, and embarrassment. Success then, is taking off the cloak of comfort and…

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What is probable is more than possible

Kids think in terms of what’s possible. Adults tend to think in terms of what is probable. Both approaches serve a purpose, but it’s possibility-thinking that creates the most impact and change. While kids think little about repercussions, their adult counterparts overemphasize them. In fear of being wrong or jeopardizing time and capital most ‘mature’…

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Impossible just takes longer

Challenges come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes the solution is obvious and other times is shrouded in our limited world view. It takes a visionary, a committed leader, and a Maverick to fully understand that most seemingly physical obstacles are merely mental barriers. What seems impossible is rarely a dead end. Several years ago,…

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Create art, not fashion

Fashion is popular and popularity is sought by most. This does beg the question of whether the act of ‘seeking it’ makes fashion a trend of conformity or leadership. Art, on the other hand, is not always popular, but almost always trailblazing and trendsetting. Reflecting on her brother, Steve Jobs, and his exceptional life, Mona…

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