Available Products & Services

Available Products & Services

Your environment matters. What you see each day is subconsciously recorded and outwardly expressed (check out this short video to see just how much your environment matters). This is why inspired minds and businesses cultivate that inspiration by surrounding themselves with constructive, thought-provoking, visual queues. At M4M we call this process being an “environMENTAList.”
Below are the products and services to inspire your personal and professional lives. Keep in mind, nearly every pop-art image on M4M can be ordered as the following products:


  • Limited edition Giclée canvases (various sizes – including custom, made-to-order sizes)
  • Posters & Prints
  • Full sized wall-decor (great for offices, living rooms, and bedrooms)
  • Dry-erase boards
  • T-shirts
  • Mugs
  • Key chains
  • And more coming soon



  1. Start browsing the gallery to select an image you’d like to make your own.
  2. Learn the process of ordering your art work.
  3. Contact us to commission your own personalized artwork



  • Custom, commissioned art to embody and reflect your goals, values, and vision. Kent refers to these images as “Wall Compasses” because they offer daily reminders of the grand objective and the best path to get there. To accomplish this, Kent works directly with clients through a process of interviewing and observing (with possible site visits) to articulate, in visual terms, what the organization/team/family stands for.
  • Speaking: Using M4M pop-art as paradigm-bending visuals, Kent frequently speaks about creative thinking, entrepreneurship, leadership, productivity, and many more topics at schools, universities, and businesses. Learn more or contact us with details about your event.
  • Consulting: After years of running his own successful businesses and speaking at various organizations over the years, Kent now works with businesses to develop ways to stimulate creativity, productivity, and leadership in the workplace. At the end of the consulting relationship, Kent creates a custom pop-art “wall compass” as a workplace guidepost inspiring team members to ‘fly in the same direction,’ as Kent often says. Contact us if interested.


Let’s work together:

Become an Affiliate! If you like what you see and believe in the power of M4M’s paradigm-bending pop-art then why not spread the word – and be compensated for it! We offer 20% of the sales revenue to affiliates. When considering the sales value of art, our affiliates stand to earn a lot very quickly. Learn more here.