Always test the rope

When elephants are being trained to stay in one place at a very young age the trainers drive a stake deep in the ground and use a rope or chain that the elephant cannot break. After a few failed attempts to break free in the elephant’s youth, the elephant stops trying and never tests the rope again.

Knowing this, the trainer no longer needs to use a high-strength stake or rope. The older, stronger, larger elephant could easily break free, but instead, it sits there bound by false beliefs about something it learned many years ago.

Such is true in life.

Our greatest limitations come from learned hopelessness and learned helplessness (Tweet this quote). These ropes (beliefs and assumptions) restrict our potential and our freedom. To counteract this we need to keep pushing our own personal boundaries, testing our limiting assumptions, and tugging at all of our ropes.

You may find that the most inhibiting rope in your life is actually a flimsy string waiting to be broken.

Be a Maverick,

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