About this Blog

What is a maxim?

An expression of a general truth, a principle, or a rule of conduct.


What is a Maverick?

An individual independent in thought and action. The term itself is birthed from a real person by the name of Samuel Maverick. Read his intriguing and inspirational story here.

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Why paradigm-bending pop-art?

Four reasons:

  • Images give the viewer enough information to underscore an idea, without pigeon holing it. Images are suggestive, but the viewer is able to take the message or lesson he or she most needs to hear—and that message may be different for each viewer.

  • Most  of us don’t have time to read long blog posts but we still crave mental stimulation. In a few seconds, an image can accomplish the same or more than a 1,000 word article.

  • Images are remembered for a lifetime, the same can’t be said about most articles we consume.

  • Images are fun and easy to share.


Does seeing certain images in my environment really matter?

We’ll let the following clip speak for us:


What should I expect?

About 3 times a week expect to see a new fun, bright, and paradigm-bending maxim in the form a pop-art image with a concise supporting explanation. My objective is to help humanity reexamine the way we’ve been told to view “reality.” Why?  Because altering perspective is the catalyst for both creativity and revelation – both of which can initiate a better life, business, and/or ___ (fill in the blank).  Subscribe here to get these images delivered direct to you.

Perception is the problem. And the opportunity. That’s why I’d like to offer some Maverick insights that expose an alternative and constructive view of everyday life.


“It is one of the commonest of mistakes to consider that the limit of our power of perception is also the limit of all there is to perceive.” – C. W. Leadbeater


What is the style/tone of the blog?

While I’m committed to sharing thought-provoking and paradigm-bending content, we’d like to keep the tone light-hearted, and fun. I’ll continue to approach many concepts with a more thorough analyses on my other blog, TheUncommonLife.com, but I look forward to having a platform such M4M to explore leadership, innovation, and other topics in a more extemporaneous way. 


How long are the posts?

We want the message of each M4M post to be communicated first and foremost through the image. This means the message may be slightly different for each viewer, the way we feel it should be. We consider the text to be only supplemental and don’t want to pigeon-hole a concept with too much text. 

For this reason, the written content will always be as brief as possible. This also allows me to: 1) spend more time on each image and 2) spend more time to creating more images. As mentioned above, I will continue to share more detailed thoughts in longer form at TheUncommonLife.com  Not subscribed to that blog? Click here to update your preferences. 


The details:

If there is one thing all humans want it’s opportunity – the chance to do more, relax more, see more, and be more. The challenge is, opportunity is not encountered, it’s created. And creating more and better options (especially in today’s world) requires an uncommonsense approach to life.

We’re learning that many rules from the past century do not necessarily apply today.   Traditional modes of thought and conventional knowledge only lead to the reproduction of past results – and emulation is not a valid strategy. Creativity is the new currency and the Mavericks, as always, are cashing in.

What do these Mavericks have in common? A collection uncommon of life philosophies (maxims) that enable them to see, do, and create things beyond old paradigms of thought.

So… welcome to the Maverick’s era; where thinking different is not only wise, but necessary. This blog challenges widespread assumptions and misguided common sense that keeps people stuck in a mundane, unfulfilling existence.

Despite the negative press, there is still a lot of opportunity – especially for those who wake up now and adapt their game plan.

Whether you are a seasoned businessperson, greenhorn entrepreneur, curious employee, striving student, parent, blogger, marketer, techie, artist, or simply have a pulse and seek an additional edge or more creativity, then this blog will help you discover and create opportunities you didn’t know existed. Want more freedom?  Creativity?  Clarity?  Options?  Business?  Or a renewed supply of inspiration?  It’s all here.


Join the Maverick community:

If this quest against mindless conformity sounds appealing to you, then I welcome you to join me, and thousands of other readers, on a journey of creating and enjoying an uncommon life – a life on your terms.

Here’s to an uncommon life,

– Kent

PS: From one Maverick to another, I ask you to share the ideas and images on this blog with your friends, family, and social networks.  More than ever before, we need Maverick thinkers and doers.


Let’s work together:

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