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A Stop sign does not mean turn back

Everyday we face various Stop signs. Not only in a car, but in our professional and personal lives as well. When someone gives us unfavorable feedback, or we lose support, or we lose funding, or something does not work out, we face a Stop sign. But many people take these encounters far too literally and see “stop-trying signs.”

When you approach a Stop sign on the road I assume you don’t whine, or you don’t ditch your car, or turn back around. A Stop “sign” is just that: a signpost – a reminder to pause, think, reflect, and assess before moving forward once again.

As much as we may be annoyed by the interruption, many times Stop signs in life (as on the road) serve a very important purpose. Without them, we may never stop to examine our actions, our approach, or our assumptions.

I’ve met many Mavericks who have clutched their greatest opportunities not from serendipitous strokes of genius, but rather, a Stop sign that urged them to innovate.

How will your next Stop sign help you move forward?

Be a Maverick,

– Kent

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