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A willingness to be wrong creates a Wright

The Wright brothers didn’t fly on their first attempt. They failed countless times before successfully gliding above the earth.  In fact, many of their attempts could be viewed as downright embarrassing.

In their day, even the concept of human flight was blasphemy. It was enough to put their psychological condition on trial.

But thank God they ignored the pessimists, tried, failed, and tried again, and again, and again. They were willing to be wrong – no matter what the consequences. When this is the case, it’s nearly impossible to stand in a Maverick’s way.

In the end, what’s most important is taking initiative to move ideas out of one’s head and into the world. As Jonathan Fields once wrote, “Whether you’re right or wrong matters less than whether you’re moving and acting. Once you’re in motion, if you’re paying attention, it’s fairly easy to correct course. But, it all starts when you stop thinking about doing and start doing.”

Be a Maverick,

– Kent

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One comment

  • Rurbane says:

    In re the Fields quote:

    “Whether you’re right or wrong matters less “…

    less than what?

    You can “do” something very well, and profit from it, but it can still be “wrong,”

    it’s not until you do the “right” thing in the “right” way that you “achieve” a purpose that creates something rather than simply consolidating it.

    Think of Einstein and his success at the general relativity of energy, mass and light … I doubt very seriously (based on his subsequent efforts) that he would have publicized his thoughts if he knew it would result in MAD.

    Or Darwin, if he knew that even 150 years plus later, we would still be confusing “evolution” with “progress.”

    If what you do get co-opted to achieve nothing but rationalize continued conflict – if you can’t trust society – it’s no wonder that the true innovators have gone elsewhere and keep it to themselves.

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