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What we see depends on where we stand

Two people are walking side by side down a bustling New York street. One walks ahead looking up and the other looking down. Although in the exact same environment, their impression and interpretation of the same city will be very different.

And such is life.

We don’t act based on an objective and universal interpretation of reality. Why? Because there isn’t one.  This is why so many people can live on the same planet and uphold so many diverse and sometimes conflicting beliefs about life.

Mavericks understand that all success begins as a mind-set, not a skill-set. They know that how they construct the world around them will determine what they see, do, and feel. In other words, what we see and how we interpret it is dependent on perspective alone.

Our assumptions and conclusions are relative to our position on the matter – physically, mentally, and emotionally. We filter out information that is not reflective and supportive of our current beliefs.  Thus, the difference between success and failure, happiness and sadness, optimism and pessimism, opportunity and constraint, and so on, is not the world itself, but the vantage point from which it’s viewed. Only we can choose to look up or look down.

Be a Maverick!

– Kent

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  • Nancy Gabriel says:

    One of my student’s father (Jim Kersten in Fort Dodge, IA) told me about your work! Wow! I am so glad that he did! You’re just what I am looking for!
    I looked at your Maxim page first, and haven’t investigated the others yet. But I already have ideas on how to incorporate your Maxim thoughts into the 21st Century Skills class I will be teaching next fall!
    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

    • Kent Healy says:

      Thank you Nancy. Glad you’re enjoying the blog. Hope you get some spare minutes to dig a little deeper. Would love to know how the M4M integration goes with your 21st Century Skills class. Thank you for teaching those indispensable skills to the young generation.

  • Quora says:

    What we see depends on where we stand…

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